Trials and tribulations of an in-house everything-er

It’s been almost one and a half years into my current position at this social media advertising agency. Boy, it sure is a sweaty place.

The culture here is interesting. We don’t operate under a certain title; everybody’s role is expected to be a hybrid of some sort. I’m the lead photographer on paper, but also sometimes an art director, at times, a producer, and many times, a sai gang warrior. ‘Head of Sexy Content’ was the latest label someone bestowed upon me.

While I do enjoy the dynamic work process, it’s often times terrifying. It’s even more agonising the moment I realised I am expected to be an in-house one-stop solutions.

Imagine a photographer has to figure out the nitty-gritty of live streaming a music performance to Facebook. I know how to make the scene look pretty, I can light the subjects to look like a million bucks. I can do many things, but I’m not trained on tech side of it, neither am I a sound engineer for that matter.

Even with my co in-house-photographer, we took many hours Googling from the ground up. It’s quite a lot of time and money spent on getting the live streaming paraphernalia. Yet, we still haven’t got it right. No pressure, IT IS ONLY T MINUS ONE WEEK TO THE EVENT.

What triggered the revival of the blog is perhaps the need to vent, or being more politically correct, to document my progress as a creative.

The latest *cough* challenge *cough* is to produce a full fledged video production in-house, with limited budget and crew. I’ll refrain from whining about how I’m not professionally trained in video production because I can make a mean video if I wanted to. The challenge here is to make something good while having to multitask as a director, DP, cameraman, grip, soundman, and producer – all at the same time.

Suffice to say, the success of this production will depend on how deep I dive into Google search and how much I have visually absorbed from the past video productions I’ve been at.

On a brighter but random note, I now know what a ‘video village’ is. #learningonthejob